Return Policy

Return Policy


We have a 14 day return policy at Uni Bazaar. That means you have 14 days to return your order after receiving it.
Return shipping is free of charge.

Contact us at, we will email you the package label you have to attach to the package before dropping it at the pakkeshop.


Has an error occurred when packing your order?
You should always contact us, if your shipped order is incorrect. This may be that you have received a wrong textbook or that the textbooks does not fulfill our demands for the condition.
In this case we will send you a return label via email and ship the correct order to you as soon as possible.


How to package returning textbooks
When you have received your return label, you just need to ship the textbooks from your local drop-off point.

You should pack your textbooks in the following way:

 Completely covered by cardboard (if possible please reuse the box you received)

 The books have to be secured, not moving around in the box

 Sufficiently closed with good tape that won’t open during shipping

Not packaged in a bag

Not packaged in an envelope