About us

About Us

Our story

Uni Bazaar was founded by Benjamin Busk, student at HA Almen at CBS:

Already at the beginning of my 1st semester at CBS, I experienced the problem of feeling forced to pay large sums of money for expensive new textbooks. Therefore, to help ease the life of my fellow students and myself, I founded Uni Bazaar.

After taking a year’s leave to focus on the development of Uni Bazaar, I am now back at school finishing my Bachelor’s Degree – naturally, while selling second-hand textbooks to my fellow students.

During the last couple of years, Uni Bazaar has grown quite a bit. Our team now consists of three key people: Benjamin Busk (CEO), Hjalte Bille Dal (Lead Developer) and Jonas Grandal (Main Advisor).
The heavy lifting of handling all the books is still done with great help from friends and family.


At Uni Bazaar we believe in recycling – and therefore we want to create a new ecosystem of second-hand textbooks at CBS.

We wish to:
  • Recycle existing resources by; buying books from older students and reselling them to new students

  • Create a new platform for selling and buying second-hand textbooks, which can handle large programs such as HA Almen at CBS

  • Effectuate and optimize the sales of second-hand textbooks

  • Save scarce resources for the environment as well as for the students