What is MyEconLab?
MyEconLab is an online math-program with assignments that can be used as a supplement to lectures in Microeconomics.

MyEconLab is not mandatory according to the program plans, but it can be a helpful tool in understanding the mechanisms of Microeconomics.

How to create an account on MyEconLab?
Follow these steps:

      1. Find your MyEconLab course-id *
      2. Register at MyEconLab here
      3. Type in your course-id

– You are now ready to log onto MyEconLab and to start solving assignments! 

* Around the start of your semester, your teacher will send you your course-id via CBS-mail. A course-id has the following structure and looks like this: XL00-I9N-6020-34L4”

Is it possible to share a course-id?
Yes! More than one student can easily use a course-id as the assignments can be solved repeatedly.

Actually, we at Uni Bazaar encourage all students to think like the economic man and in the true spirit of a sharing economy shares their account for MyEconLab with a fellow student.