Why should you sell your textbooks through Uni Bazaar?

  • Hand in ALL your old textbooks at once
  • Have your books collected at CBS
  • Receive 70% of the sales price in payment
  • The easiest way to recycle your textbooks!


    We are looking for ALL second-hand textbooks from CBS!
    The books have to be in an acceptable condition – read more about our list of demands for their condition here.

    Sign up and then we will contact you to make an appointment as soon as possible.

    Do you have further questions? Have a look at our FAQ at the bottom of the site for more answers or please contact us.
    All inquiries are answered within 24 hours.


    When can I hand-in my books for sale?

    Handing your textbooks for sale can always be done by appointment at CBS. Read more here.

    Which textbooks can I sell through Uni Bazaar?

    We are looking for all second-hand textbooks from CBS! Also, as we always strive to expand the Uni Bazaar concept, even books from other studies might have our interest. So please do not hesitate to contact us if you have other second-hand textbooks lying around.

    Is there any demands regarding the condition of the books?

    In order to secure a high quality service for our buyers, all books must fulfill a list of demands for their condition. Read more about these demands here.

    How much money will I receive from selling my books?

    As a seller, you will receive 70% of the book’s sales price. Our sales prices always correspond to 50% of the current student-price at Academic Books.

    How do I receive payment?

    When your textbooks have been sold, your money will be transferred to your bank account. Payment to sellers is done twice a year: 1st October & 1st March. Sales invoices will be enclosed in a following email.

    What if my books are not sold?

    In the unlikely event that your books have not been sold the following semester, we would very much like to keep them at our storage facility until the start of the next semester, where your books automatically will be the first in line for sale. We will, in the case of unsold books, always contact you personally.